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We are Specialist Antique Arms, Weapons and Armour Dealers in the UK

West Street Antiques are specialist antique arms, weapons and armour dealers based in the UK. We have an extensive range of antique swords, pistols and British militaria for sale online and from our showroom in Dorking, Surrey. For articles on the different areas please Antique guns, Antique Swords, Antique Armour, Antique Pistols, Flintlock Pistols.

If you are looking for antique pistols, then we one of the best providers and specialists across the UK. From Flintlock pistols to percussion pistols, we have the broadest range of antiques in the west midlands.

We are one of the leading specialist dealers in the UK of Fine Antique Arms & Armour. Our carefully selected stock, mostly English Flintlock & Percussion Firearms, Swords, Polearms & Armour, is ever changing and has added to the collections of Museums as well as private collectors. We have been instrumental in starting many beautiful collections for people whose first introduction to the subject was our shop window, novices whose interest we have nurtured with advice and guidance, sharing the benefit of many years of our experience both as collectors and dealers.

Providing antique pistols from as far back as the 1700’s. We can play a vital part in preserving history, collectors up and down the country will find something there are looking for with our extensive stock. Our price range can vary from anywhere between £800 to £10,000. With all antique pistols you can be sure that all are fully repaired and handled with care. With all of our licence requirements, you can be sure that all guns purchased go through an extensive firing and safety checks by a qualified gunsmith. For hunting purposes, you must hold a valid British firearms certificate and provide this during the purchase of your antique pistols

The business was initially started in 1986 by, John Spooner, following many years of him being an avid collector, others joined him at our Dorking shop in 1990 having worked at Christie's and then traded independently.

We have earned an excellent reputation for our expertise and integrity and take great care to ensure, to the best of our knowledge, the accuracy of the descriptions of the items we offer for sale concerning age, origin and condition; our terms and conditions allow customers complete peace of mind. Our business thrives upon the rapport established between our customers and us, over many years, both in the UK and overseas.

We are always happy to discuss your collecting interests by telephone, email or by welcoming you to our Dorking shop. West Street Antiques exhibits at the leading UK specialist Arms and Armour fairs.

For details of our current stock please click on the headings below:

Flintlock PistolsFlintlock Pistols

A fine selection of flintlock pistols from our showrooms in the United Kingdom. Below are details of the flintlock pistol currently in stock.



Flintlock Long ArmsFlintlock Long Arms

We offer a wide range of flintlock long arms throughout the United Kingdom. 

Percussion PistolsPercussion Pistols

Cased Revolvers, Colt Navy, Colt Army and American Civil War Revolvers, Pepperbox Revolvers and Pinfires.

Percussion Long ArmsPercussion Long Arms

British Military Rifles, including Enfield Rifles, Snider Rifles, Martini Henry Rifles, also Winchester rifles and Sporting Guns.



English Civil War Armour, Pikemans and Troopers, Lobster Tail Helmets and Morions. 

Swords - Regulation patternsSwords - Regulation patterns

Swords from 1788 to the 1912 pattern including Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Scottish Regimental, East India Company and Indian Army.

Swords - Pre RegulationSwords - Pre Regulation

Older swords, British military pre 1788, Scottish basket hilts, Rapiers, Small swords and civil British swords. 

Swords - ContinentalSwords - Continental

European and American Military swords, including American Civil War and the War of 1812. Japanese, Asian and Indian swords. 


Truncheons, Tipstaffs

Firearms and ShotgunsFirearms and Shotguns

We are now registered to deal in Firearms and Shotguns only to callers to the shop, for Export please phone 01306 883487.

 Sporting guns, rifles will only be released to a valid and appropriate  Firearm / Shotgun certificate holder.